Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 2: July 29, 2013

A picture Tanner's Mission President sent of a lighthouse in Washington. Week 2: ayyy everything is going great here in dubtown! we are working really effectively I am usually the one that will get us into doors or start the conversation with people and he is the one that will know the sctricputes by heart and stuff like that so were like a one two punch and weve been really successful. we found 4 new investigators from tracting but the best one her name is Jackie. it was toward the end of the day and we knocked on her apartment and she opened it and you could tell that she wasn't into us, I started just making convo with her and then she was kind of backing up from the door but then I asked if she had ever met with Mormon missionaries and she was like uhh noo and I was like what! you have never met with Mormon missionaries??? that's definitely something you gotta do for your bucket list ya know!? I don't know why I said it cuz that's so stupid to say but it was the end of the day and I was tired and I guess the spirirt wanted me to say it, and it worked because she laughed and let us right in. we have had two lessons with her since then on the restoration and faith and she is like the perfect investigator. were meeting with her tonight and im really stoked shes progressing so much every time and she doesn't have a problem with anything we teach her. so yaaa shes probably the investigor that is closest to baptism and stuff like that. so ya weve been having a really good week and it is flying by. we have a little DVD player that we got some music on a USB and we listen to normal music every night and it keeps me sane so that is good too! weve been doing a lot of service for people and were basically remodeling this chicks house who close to our apartments her name is Adell and she and her son and daughter are members but she still uses meth and she has a problem with cutting herself but every time we go over (almost every day) she will give me her razors in a bag so that I can throw them away for her. she always goes and gets new ones but its progress for her to realize that its not good for her and her wanting to stop. we have cleaned her whole house and I went and bought some paint stuff and we painted her kitchen and living room because it was really bad and its still nothing like what I am used to living in, but it is so much better and I rthink its really good for them just to start somewhere ya know. we got them to come out to this dinner and testimony meeting at a members house last night so there is definitely progress being made we just gotta keep going! if you guys would please pray for Adell, River, and Daley I would really appreciate it! love, tanner

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